Our philosophy is to provide an environment that has a clear focus on working together in partnership for the benefit of all who use the service. Where children and their families have a feeling of Belonging and are acknowledged for their uniqueness and treated with respect, acceptance and care.

Our goal is that the children attending the centre have every opportunity to be a part of their community and undertake all that our unique environment has to offer, from snow play and snow adventures during the winter months, to spontaneous walks in and round our village in the summer months to see families at work and to experience our community up close.

Our service uses The National Quality Framework and the 7 Quality Areas to guide staff and the management committee to ensure we are meeting our legal requirements and offering children and their families a centre of high quality. The Quality Improvement Plan assist all to reflect on the centre practises and find ways to make changes to ensure only best practises are being offered across the centre.

The health and safety of each child is of paramount importance to all staff members and every aspect of the programme will reflect the needs of the child in this regard. Children are given the tools to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and are reflective in the daily activities that are offered to children.

Teamwork is essential in providing a safe, caring environment for children not only between staff but families also. Families take an active part in the running of the service by taking up positions on the management committee or by assisting in ongoing maintenance or attending events held throughout the year at the centre. Staffs respect both each other’s and families beliefs, interests and needs and learn from the knowledge, experience and individuality that each person contributes.

Our curriculum is guided by The Early Years Learning Framework along with the children and their families. Staff guide & support the children’s development by offering an environment that is responsive to children, play directed and one that reflects the needs and interests of each individual child in a flexible nurturing manner. The environment supports and reflects one of sustainability and encourages children to be inspired while encouraging collaboration, communication, independence and exploration, while gaining the knowledge that will support their continued learning. We believe that each child is a unique Being with individual strengths, beliefs and values and should be respected for those values

By working in partnership with families we acknowledge each family’s expertise in their child’s development; this then assists staff to guide children through the processes of learning and Becoming the citizen of tomorrow. Staff provides families with ongoing feedback regarding their child’s development and centre happenings in a constructive and positive manner. Staff also use reflective practises, along with good communication skills, to effectively work together to provide a positive environment for all.