The program's intention is to treat all children as equals, and to have access to learning opportunities which fosters social, emotional, cognitive, and physical and language development according to their individual needs.

Anti-bias curriculum attempts to meet the challenge of facilitating children's understanding of human diversity. This encompasses: Interest based learning which is process orientated not product driven.

The curriculum includes and covers:

  • Experiences - encourage curiosity and problem solving skills.
  • Nonviolence ethos – please do not bring toys guns, etc. to the centre. Children are encouraged to express negative feeling verbally.
  • Self-esteem – positive interactions, choices, problem solving. Challenging traditional roles in allowing children to be aware of other cultures, contact with the aged, people with additional needs and dealing with non-sexist attitudes.
  • Environmental – fostering concern and care for other people, creatures and our environment.

In addition to the above, you will be able to observe activities which attempt to meet the needs of the whole child with activities such as:

  • Musical/Movement/Dance
  • Art/Craft
  • Numeracy
  • Gross motor
  • Environmental
  • Fine motor
  • Language/literacy
  • Co-operative games
  • Literature
  • Individualised activity
  • Socio - dramatic play
  • Self – help skills

Please view the program and group time activities on display in individual rooms.

Children's portfolios (examples of work and special learning events) are available at all times – please see room staff.