To make your life a little easier the TECC will supply a legionnaire's hat and sheets for nap time for your child. Both of which are maintained and laundered at the centre.

What to bring - Daily checklist

  • Healthy morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea
  • A drink bottle of WATER
  • A piece of fruit (Wombat room to share for morning tea) to be left in fruit basket located on kitchen bench
  • A change of clothing left in your child's bag, and nappies if required


  • Place food and water bottles in a lunch bag/box in child's room fridge
  • Insure all your child's belongings are labelled clearly
  • If your child has a toy for rest this can be included in their bag and will be offered at rest time


  • Please do not allow your child to bring TOYS to the centre (as it can be broken or misplaced) please be strong for your child's sake. However, if your child wishes to bring an item for show and tell (Wombat room) please only send items of interest e.g books, photos post cards souvenirs. If your child brings a toy it may not be included in show & tell. So as not to disappoint your child please encourage interest items only.