Parents please read and familiarize yourself with the Centre's policies and please comply with the following policies:

  • Ensure that you sign your child in and out each day
  • If you receive CCB please ensure you sign for any of your child's absences
  • Always let a staff member know that your child/children has arrived
  • Always inform staff as you leave with your child/children
  • Please advise the centre if your child is not attending due to illness/leave
  • Keep door security code confidential, children are NOT allowed to us the security keypad
  • Please abide by the operating hours of 8am to 5.30pm and ensure you do not drop your child/children prior to 8am and they are collected by  5.30pm
  • Ensure that your contact details, emergency contacts details and immunisation records are kept up to date. Also that your emergency contacts are aware of their responsibilities
  • All articles are to be labelled (clothes, shoes etc) as TECC is not to be held accountable for lost items
  • Please hold your child's hand when leaving for safety reasons
  • Only let your child/children in your care through the gate and NO OTHERS
  • Do not allow your child/children to play at the gate
  • Please do not hold the door open for others upon entering the centre. Whilst it may seem rude to do so, it could prevent someone from being inside that is not allowed access